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SGAF Was founded in 2008, and was exclusive importer of barely in the Kingdom for 7 years. The company successfully imported
more than 46 million tons of barely. Over the past year, The company also has engaged several trading actives related to grains and fodder along with Agri machinery and inputs for the past ten years,
as millions of tons have been traded.


One of the leader in Trading, logistic, and processing Business.


Establish a long-term relationship with suppliers, and customers by providing high quality products and services while maintaining a competitive price, with minimum risk.


  • Reliability
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Measurement
  • Service to others

Strategic priorities

  • Financial growth: generates significant positive cash flows or earnings by investing in very profitable and sustainable business ideas related to trading, logistic, and processing, while retaining valued current business.
  • Offer product and services at low cost: competing on price while maintain high quality products and service, and Increase the perception of value offered.
  • Motivate and prepare workforce: motivating a workplace by recognizing what drives employee, providing finincail incentives, keeping the line of communication open between all Sgaf’s countries banches, Be Future-Focused and invest in employee recognition program.
  • Operational excellence: improving the company internal process, thinking systematically and seeking perfection.

Operational Areas

  • - Product: Sunflower, Wheat and Corn
  • - Location: Sudan & Egypt next to group’s projects
  • - Number of Projects: 2
  • - Total Capacity: +60k tons
Barley Packaging Station
  • - Products: 50 Kg Bags of Barely
  • - Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia
  • - Capacity: 2,500 tons per day
  • - Targeted segment: Breeders, Growers and Milking farms.
  • - SGAF is coordinating with other 28 stations all over the Kingdom
  • - Products: Agri-inputs, and Machinery
  • - Exclusive companies: 7
  • - Products
    • Central pivots
    • Planters
    • Seeds
    • Fertilizers
    • Pesticides
Seed Treatment Plant
  • - Products: Processed Wheat Seed
  • - Location: Sudan & Egypt (next to the group’s project
  • - Capacity: 65 tons/day (two shifts/day)

Our Clients

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