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About The Company

SGAF Was founded in 2008, and was exclusive importer of barely in the Kingdom for 7 years. The company successfully imported more than 52 million tons of barely.

The company has invested in many other commercial activities related to grains and fodder in addition to agricultural inputs and mechanisms, where millions of tons of commodities are traded annually.

Company Strategy

To Establish a long term relationship with suppliers, and customers by providing high quality products and services while maintaining a competitive price, through conducting several investments in the value chain.


  • Commodities Trading.
  • Silos, Warehousing, and Processing.
  • Transportation and distribution.


To be a leading, and innovative global company in trading commodities, logistic, and processing.


To build long term relationships with reliable suppliers and customers and provide high quality products and services at a competitive price with low risk.

Strategic priorities

  1. Financial Growth.
  2. Provide the products and services with high quality and at competitive prices.
  3. Training and motivation.
  4. Operational Excellence.

Company Profile

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